After 20 years in the Physical Therapy Clinic, Betsy realized the importance of cellular health on musculoskeletal tissues and all body systems.

You can not expect your body systems to be well if you are not healthy at a cellular level. Seeking to optimize your healthiest self?  Don't forget about your cellular health.  There is no way your body's tissues and systems can be healthy without the proper cellular support.  

Essential Oils are the one of the best ways to support your body's system's wellness.  

Did you know that Wintergreen is nature's aspirin? The chemical makeup is very similar.  So many answers to our wellness support exists in the plants that surround us.  Distillation techniques allow us to utilize these oils or the "lifeblood of the plant" to enhance our health.  Learn about this and so much more in our ongoing series of Essential Oils classes. 

Every essential oil you use is one less toxin you introduce to your body.


Boutique Session

Essential Oils classes are offered on a monthly basis. Watch for Essential Oils special events and educational classes that are offered to teach you how easy it is to make essential oils a part of your daily life.  


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Betsy O'Malley