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Balanced Pilates and Wellness Boutique is a full-service, Physical Therapist owned and operated STOTT pilates studio.

I founded my studio with the intention of fostering change in our current health paradigm. BALANCED seeks to prevent injury and disease by promoting wellness for your mind, body and spirit.  

STOTT pilates is a mind/body exercise system and is the perfect modality for beginning or advancing your journey to good health. I believe pilates is for anyBODY, and this philosophy guides our approach to each exercise.

I am building a community of active wellness-seekers of all levels and can’t wait for you to join us!
— Betsy O'Malley

One on One
Private Sessions

Two sessions for $99

Intro Special • $146 Value

One per, expires in 21 days.

STOTT Pilates is our primary modality for achieving your goals.

STOTT pilates is right for you if your want your body to function to its fullest capacity so that you can live all of your years doing all of the things you love to do.

Together we will develop a plan for you that meets your unique needs and goals. 

BALANCED is perfect for those who have finished Physical Therapy but require some "fine tuning", and those seeking to achieve their own custom strength, flexibility and wellness goals. We are confident you will feel comfortable and find success with us.

I’ve enjoyed doing STOTT Pilates with Betsy for more than four years. Classes are both relaxing and challenging. Betsy is very accommodating and suggests modifications for any movements that don’t work for an individual. With her commitment to wellness, she is open to discussing any challenges that people are experiencing. Betsy is very patient and wants all of us to understand the purpose of each movement. This builds our self-awareness of how our body functions and encourages us to be mindful of how we move outside of class. So glad we’ve found her.
— Christina S. Pashby

More Than A Studio, We're A Community

Balanced Pilates and Wellness Studio is a professional, warm, welcoming community and a welcome respite to your day.


Whether your goals are decreasing stiffness, gaining strength, improving balance, aging gracefully, or {insert personal goal here} BALANCED provides a professional environment with the very best Merrithew/STOTT equipment.

We have a variety of highly trained instructors so you can find your very best fit-all making each session fun, warm and inviting for you. 


Pilates is the perfect exercise system for every BODY.

Is your goal bending your knee far enough so you can get on and off the floor?  Perfect! Come on over! 

Pilates is the perfect exercise system for every BODY. No need to worry about getting fit before walking into our studio or wearing the perfect outfit...we are here to tend to your body, your mind and your soul. Our studio is your place of respite where we will meet your physical goals. All are welcome no matter the fitness level.  We embrace and understand where you are at right NOW. 

Is your goal running a half marathon without hip pain? We understand that too-you belong here! Is your goal improving your stooped over posture so that you can breathe and move better? Pilates is the answer to these and so many other physical concerns.

Our programs can be tailored to fit any desired level of privacy, customization and budget.

We are trained to help you reach your physical goals and we think you will be pleasantly surprised at the mindful benefits you will discover along the way! Our professionally designed workouts will address your custom needs and we will make sure you can workout in a way that is most suitable for where you are right NOW. 

I have been a physical therapist for 27 years. I am always searching for classes that my patients can continue after treatment. Betsy provides a supportive, welcoming environment that people can enter on multiple levels of fitness, I am always confident that my patients will be well cared for with Betsy’s passion and expertise. Her manual physical therapy background, coupled with her Pilates training, highlights the incredible person she is.
— sheila isles

Class Types

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Studio Class

STOTT Pilates mat

STOTT Pilates Healthy Back

Merrithew Total Barre

Barre Pilates Fusion


Studio Deep Stretch


Boutique Class

Spring Wall

Sculpt & Tone

Boutique Deep Stretch


Reformer Class

Reformer 1

Reformer 2

Cardio Reformer


Our Memberships

 As a part of our member community we offer many meberships to suit different budgets, lifestyles and goals. Reach out to us today so we can find the ideal option for you. Balanced Pilates memberships are always the most cost effective way to practive with us.


Not sure where to begin?

 The best way to begin is with an Intro Special of two private sessions for $99.  

We will introduce the principles of pilates to you, talk about your goals, and how we will reach them together, get you comfortable with the studio and our instructors and establish a plan of action for you.

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Hi, I'm Betsy.

I am a Physical Therapist who is passionate about prevention.

I know that my system can help you age gracefully. I am dedicated to giving you the very best customer service in a warm and professional environment within a community of like-minded wellness-seekers.


“Midland is very lucky to have Betsy....”

...Her care and concern along with her in depth knowledge is helping people every day. Her Pilates classes are fun and help us all stay in shape. I love how she is teaching us about full body health.
— Cindy Fitzgibbon

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Balanced Pilates

810 East Ashman Street
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818 East Ashman Street
Midland, MI, 48642
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Wondering if Pilates is right for you, or looking for a custom workout?

A friend coaxed me into going to a Springwall class with her. We are both senior citizens. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep up, but Betsy told us to go at our own speed, so I started out slowly and did the best I could....didn’t hurt myself....started feeling more limber and could work out in my yard without major back pain. It’s been a year now and I never miss the weekly class because it keeps me toned and stretched and feeling great.
— Janet Paetz