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❇️Pilates Passport: 3-week Package for Only $99

This 3-week package includes a 30-minute wellness consultation, Intro to STOTT Pilates, Intro to Reformer and Intro to Springwall. Trial classes include two studio classes, one Springwall class and one Reformer class (intro classes must precede equipment-based classes). $99

  • ​​​​​Intro to STOTT Pilates Wednesdays @ 12:15pm
  • Intro to Springwall Wednesdays @ 1:30pm
  • ​​Intro to Reformer Thursdays @ 1pm
  • ​Two Studio classes
  • ​One Springwall class
  • ​One Reformer class

*We recommend that you start with Intro to STOTT Pilates

❇️Express Start: 2-week Package for Only $39.99

Not interested in equipment-based classes and ready to get started in the studio? Our Express Start Package is just right for you.

Ready to get started quickly? This two-week package includes Intro to STOTT Pilates and daily (M-S) studio classes. $39.99
  • ​​​​​Intro to STOTT Pilates Wednesdays @ 12:15pm
  • ​Daily (M-S) Studio Classes

*We recommend that you start with Intro to STOTT Pilates

“Balanced Pilates provides a supportive, welcoming environment that people can enter on multiple levels of fitness. I am always confident that my patients will be well cared for with the passion and expertise at Balanced Pilates.”

-Sheila I., Physical Therapist

Not sure where to start?

We would love to meet you, show you around and get you started on a path that is just right for YOU.


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Balanced Pilates and Wellness Boutique is a Physical Therapist owned and operated STOTT Pilates Studio. We specialize in:

  • ​AnyBODY who is interested in finding an exercise program that will help their body reach its fullest potential {whether that is competing in an Iron Man Triathalon or playing on the floor with your grandkids
  • ​Individuals who have had surgery, an injury or an aging body and would like to return to exercise safely or want the most function out of their body
  • ​Those looking for an exercise system that benefits their Mind, Body and Soul
  • ​People who have had Physical Therapy and would like to continue exercising with a custom Pilates based program

At Balanced Pilates and Wellness Boutique, our Mission is:

Within a warm, supportive environment, Balanced Pilates and Wellness Boutique provides a mindful Stott Pilates based exercise program that improves your fitness, provides injury prevention and maximizes your body’s potential.

Balanced Pilates Studio Tour

❇️Custom Start: 3 Private Sessions for Only $169

Three Private Pilates Sessions for $169

This is a great place to start if you have physical concerns, rehab issues or are new to the world of Pilates. We will spend our three private sessions introducing you to the principals of STOTT Pilates, introducing you to Pilates exercises and equipment, and developing a custom plan that is just right for you.

Our introductory offers are specifically tailored to ensure:

  • You are comfortable starting your Pilates classes/private sessions
  • You are participating in classes that are appropriate for you, your body and your level
  • You have a successful and enjoyable Pilates journey!


What people are saying…

“This place feels like Home. Better than home, actually, because here people are taking care of me!” -Mary B.


“I love the varied classes at Balanced – there is truly something for everyone! I have been attending classes here for over two years. I have lower back issues and since coming to Balanced my back and body have never felt better! Every instructor is well trained and so supportive and encouraging! The environment at Balanced is so warm, positive and truly a refuge! If you have been hesitant or intimidated to begin Pilates, please make an appointment for a consultation. Your body and mind will thank you! Amazing job, Betsy and all of the Balanced team!” -Debbie R.


“Pilates for a neglected hip injury, really? YES!!! Not until Betsy and the Balanced Team started working my core did I realize how much the weakened muscles contributed to my pain. Each week I can feel myself getting stronger and the pain losing its grip on me. Working with the Balanced Team has an extra bonus, it’s a ‘no judgement’ zone. Out of shape me felt welcomed on the first day. The outgoing nature of the instructors, their knowledge and encouragement keeps me motivated. I look forward to my sessions and enjoy the sense of community. There’s no doubt in my mind that the Balanced Team stands out from all the rest.” -Nancy C.


“I encourage anyone who is looking to improve their well-being to check out Balanced Pilates & Wellness Boutique. If you’re looking for a place with individualized attention, credentialed trainers and a holistic approach to wellness – you need not search anywhere else. Come check it out!” -Stacey G.

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